Our services include:

  • Fire Hazard Analysis Surveys
  • Inspection DOT Hydro Static Testing
  • Marine System Modifications Maintenance
  • Extinguisher & System Recharge
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detection System
  • Fire Detection/Alarm Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Pump Operational Tests
  • Marine Inspections/Certifications
  • Vessel Underway Services
  • Breathing Air Compressor Complete Services
  • Breathing Air Sample Analysis
  • Personal, Portable, and Fixed Gas Detection Services
  • UTI Tapes Services
  • SCBA Units Services
  • Immersion Suit Complete Service
  • Inflatable Life Jacket Services
  • Foam System operational Testing and Laboratory Analysis
  • Fire Hose Hydro Static Testing

Fire Protection Equipment and Services

Fire Detection, Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems

Global Fire and Safety installs, services, and supports all types of fire detection and alarm systems. From simple systems consisting of only pull stations and horns to advanced high sensitivity smoke detection systems, Global Fire and Safety has a solution for you. Our NICET certified engineers are able to design systems tailored to your specifications, often exceeding your expectations. Our experienced alarm technicians are able to service systems from the most out-dated to the most advanced. Draeger, Ansul, Chemetron, Pyrotronics/Siemens, Notifier, Hiller, and Kidde are just a few of the major fire detection and alarm system manufacturers we represent.

Gas Detection (Combustible and Toxic)

Global Fire and Safety can supply your workers with the equipment they need to detect hazardous and combustible gases.

Global Fire and Safety can supply your workers with the equipment they need to detect hazardous and combustible gases. From personal, portable gas detection to fixed monitoring and sampling systems, Global Fire and Safety has the solution for today’s hazardous work environments.

Our personal, portable and fixed gas detection systems use advanced technology to protect your employees and/or plant from practically any toxic or combustible gas.

Fire Suppression Systems

Global Fire and Safety designs, installs, and services a wide variety of clean agent fire suppression systems.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Global Fire and Safety designs, installs, and services a variety of clean agent systems. Depending on your requirements, Global Fire and Safety can supply you with FM-200, Novec, Inergen, CO-2, or FE-13 fire suppression systems. Global Fire and Safety has experience at servicing and replacing Halon Clean agent systems. Clean agent systems are used to suppress fires very rapidly without causing further damage or creating a mess. It can be effectively applied in total flooding fire suppression applications in the following areas: telecommunication switch rooms, computer and electronic control rooms, hazards aboard ships, and critical military applications, just to name a few.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Global Fire and Safety supplies the most effective dry chemical fire suppression systems utilizing ABC or BC dry chemical powder. Dry chemical is very effective against Class A, B, and C fires. These systems are used to protect various applications such as paint spray booths, mechanical rooms, and flammable liquid storage areas.

Kitchen and Galley Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Global Fire and Safety is very experienced in the installation, service, and maintenance of kitchen suppression systems. Global Fire and Safety services systems on a daily basis. Hood systems automatically detect and suppress fires with or without someone present 24 hours a day.  Global Fire and Safety offers the most effective and widely used hood systems, such as the Ansul R-102.

Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Water mist is a natural, non-toxic, efficient, and widely applicable system. This risk-specific solution is a fine water spray mist that offers effective protection without the deluge and damage of traditional water-based systems. Current applications are for the oil and gas industry, power generators, manufacturing and industrial plants, and marine vessels.

Foam Fire Protection Systems

Global Fire and Safety services, inspects and repairs foam protection systems from many manufactures. In addition, GFS conducts foam tank sampling for which we utilize a nationally recognized laboratory for foam sample analysis.

Portable and Semi Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable and Semi Portable fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in protecting your equipment from fire. Call Global Fire and Safety out annually to inspect your vessel to ensure all fire extinguishers are adequately placed, in ready to utilize condition. In Addition, GFS has for many years held a CA state license for service and maintenance of all your landside/ industrial fire extinguisher needs and requirements. We are your one stop shop when it comes to fire extinguishers, we provide nearly all types: Dry Chemical, Co2, Clean Agent, Foam, Wet Chemical, and Water extinguishers. All of which are direct from many of the nation’s leading manufacturers.

System Cylinders and Fire Extinguisher Recharge

In the event of a fire, GFS can recharge any equipment utilized in combating the flames. We are a fully functional recharge facility for Clean Agent and Dry chemical system cylinders as well as a fire extinguisher service station. We have the tools to get your equipment back and running.

Fire Extinguisher Training

It is an OSHA requirement that all employees know and understand how to use a portable fire extinguisher in the event of fire. GFS can help! We have a fire training program equipped with a live fire fit where employees can get a hands-on approach to utilizing fire extinguishers. We also provide the knowledge and key points necessary in fighting fires, fire classes and extinguisher types and ratings.

SCBA Units Service

As a Marine distributor for Drager, MSA and Interspiro, GFS is a authorized testing and repair center for SCBA units. We specialize in the flow testing, care and maintenance of breathing apparatus, We also have access to the latest and greatest new SCBA equipment. If you’re in need of respiratory protection during confined space entry or for escape from hazardous environments, we test, certify, repair and supply a wide range of EEBD.

Breathing Air Compressor Complete Services and Air Sample Analysis

Global Fire and Safety has extensive knowledge and experience in breathing air compressor service. As per NFPA 1500 7.9.3 We provide a 54 Point Checklist inspection. Breathing air compressor service goes hand in hand with our air sampling process. Chances are, if your compressor isn’t serviced regularly, the quality of the compressor’s breathing air will be poor or not passing at all. We utilize a nationally recognized testing facility for air sample analysis and will issue you a certified report upon completion.